MMBOW #12: Ryan Toolson, Utah Valley

The picture on the left does not depict the hot club dance move or the new way the kids these days are expressing their excitement, it’s just a snapshot of the most pure and perfect shooting mechanics in Division I right now. (And as you can see             in the background, it’s making the girly-girls go craz-ay!) Ryan Toolson of Utah Valley University is our twelfth Mid-Majority Baller of the Week of the 2008-09 season.

Not that it wasn’t an obvious choice or anything, Mr. Toolson did only produce the highest point total in the NCAA’s top flight so far this century. In a 123-121 win at Chicago State last Thursday night, the 6-4 senior converted 18 of his 31 field goal tries, including seven of 11 from 3, and added 20 free throws to score 63 points, which is the 10th most in a Division I game all-time. And he grabbed 12 rebounds as well. Sure, it was a quadruple-overtime game and all, but this was a study in pure endurance: he played all 60 minutes of the contest and earned every single one of those stats. Two nights later, as befitting the rigorous schedule of a D-I independent, UVU popped up on the left coast at Cal State Bakersfield. Proving he had more gas in the tank, Mr. Toolson scored 22 points on 7-for-12 shooting to lead his team, although the Wolverines lost 69-60. Put it all together, and that’s an 85-point week.

The Wolverines’ star, who hails from Gilbert, Arizona, is money whenever he shoots the ball — and somebody somewhere in the world is going to give him a contract when he’s done with college. He’s consistently made half his field goal attempts, but consider this: he’s only missed 25 free throws during his entire career (429 of 454, includes D-II games as well). Perhaps the biggest shock in the 63-point game was that he missed one — its was only the sixth of 18 games he hadn’t gone perfect from the line. But we’re all shooting for perfection in our chosen fields, and Mr. Toolson is closer than a lot of us are. He’s also your Mid-Majority Baller of the Week