Bally: Behind Enemy Lines!

The calendar hasn’t turned yet, which means that mid-majors are often spending time in power-conference arenas doing things they’d rather not do. Bally also prefers not to set foot in these places if at all possible, but this is just the way November and December are. Here are some of our little orange friend’s recent travels above the Red Line.

Bally began his season in the Cathedral of Eeeeeevil known as Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Bally’s no art critic, but he thinks the commissioned sculpture of the Louisville Cardinal might have been more imposing if it wasn’t so San Diego Chicken-like.

Bally has an amazing ability to be in more places than one. Thanks to last season’s Finals Week winner Tim B. for bringing him to a Florida A&M-Florida game in Gainesville.

Five more minutes at Wake Forest, and I may have had a Demon Bally. We got out of Joel Coliseum just in time.

At Clemson’s Littlejohn Coliseum, the lower-bowl chairbacks are covered with little orange Tiger pawprints. Which, of course, gave Bally an idea for the upholstery at Mid-Majority HQ in Pawtucket.

After an exhausting trip around the Big Six, it’s great to get back to places where you’re welcomed and respected for who you are, not your poll ranking. We visited Presbyterian College last night, home of the Blue Hose. Look at how happy that little guy is. Brings tears to your eyes.