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Low Top vs High Top Shoes

Posted by Ralph Bowman on

The battle between high top and low top boxing shoes – with mid top shoes not to be forgotten either – is a popular one. For die hard boxers, the high top boxing shoes are iconic, what they see in classic boxing matches and they want to wear only these. However, they’re not all that practical outside of the boxing ring during a match or perhaps with sparing.

High Top Boxing Shoes

High top boxing shoes provide excellent ankle support, for the heel and partway up the lower leg too. Because of their soft sole material, they can eventually feel just like part of your foot. It is possible to wear high tops all around the gym for different boxing-related activities. However, this is unusual unless it’s the only pair of boxing shoes that you own. In which case, fair enough.

Most boxers who perform some active sparring and the odd boxing match will find that they need to own both high top and low top boxing shoes to stay flexible about their footwear options both in the gym and in the ring.

Low Top Boxing Shoes

Low top boxing shoes are design to provide less active ankle support through a nimble pair of shorter boots. Because of their shorter statue and reduction in material, they feel lighter when wearing them which makes it easier to move around, especially for beginners. It’s a little less tiring to practice when wearing low top shoes because they weigh less, so your calf and thigh muscles aren’t having to put in as much effort to lift each foot to “move like a butterfly and sting like a bee,” as legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali liked to say many times through his illustrious career.

Low top boxing shoes are designed for hanging bag work, heavy bag workouts, performing shadow boxing and also sparring. These types of shoes are not expected to be used in many fights, but they could if necessary. However, for official matches, high top shoes are more normal.

What Are the Soles Like?

Boxing shoes are typically produced from leather, rubber and occasionally other substitutes. With the use of leather on the soles too, the shoes move between during quick footwork. However, leather provides a less reliable grip on the canvas floor. With rubber soles, they provide better grip than leather and are lighter too. As a result, soles made from rubber have become more common compared to decades ago.

How Are Boxing Shoes Different to Other Types?

Boxing shoes are made without an impact resistant foam midsole to buffer actions like jogging or running on a treadmill. You have to check best boxing shoes review on the internet, which clear your doubt easily. The sole is thinner and lighter to permit fast movements without being weighed down. Essentially, they’re a somewhat durable covering for your feet rather than encasing them in thicker fabric, foam and rubber.

Also, sometimes wrestling shoes are including with MMA shoes in the low top range. The key differences here are that a boxing shoe will have a sole that’s harder with a less noticeable treat providing good gliding on the canvas. By contrast, a wrestling shoe has greater grip which extends up the sides of the shoe to maintain contact with the canvas when on the ground wrestling with your feet at an angle.