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Which Tennis Rackets or Shoes considered most rated in the market

Posted by Ralph Bowman on

The best rated tennis rackets change almost every year depending on what manufacturer has released a new racket that’s vying for the top overall spot. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision about what is best in many cases because individual players have their personal favorite materials, brands and string that often defines the rackets they feel are worthy of being in the top 2.

How to Pick a Good Racket for You

What you need to focus on is a racket that fits your price range and has the features that you’re looking for. This might be a slimmer grip, a larger head to catch more of the balls within the strings or a weight that allows you to hit every stroke every time with fast moving balls.

Adjusting Racket Size Depending on Body Shape

If you’re tall for your age as a child, then you’ll need a kid’s racket with a larger handle and a larger head. You might manage with a standard handle length for a child, but the larger head will be helpful, so the racket is not too small for your frame and looks silly in your hand. If you’re short for your age as a child, then you might require a kid’s racket that’s for a younger child that your own age there is also available tennis racquet reviews about age and right racquet as similar your age. Whenever you go for buying rackets you need to check your all tennis accessories as well like tennis bag, tennis shoes.tennis shocks, t shirts, tennis balls  these are the best and preferable things you should not forget to buy. We recommend you for shoes one and only best place that is  http://www.tennisinformation.net/best-tennis-shoes-reviews-for-men-women/ for men and women.

Similarly, if you’re an adult with a smaller frame, you might prefer a racket that was designed for a teenager, so it has a smaller head and a shorter handle. Here’s our opinion on the best two rackets on the market today:

#1 – Babolat Pure Strike 16 x 19

The Babolat Pure Strike has a series of different sizes and weights of this racket. It’s considered the best overall tennis frame from more than 300+ on the market presently. The Pure Strike racket holds a broad interest for tennis players because it suits many styles of play and everyone from a beginner to an advanced player. With the 16 x 19 model, the 98-square inch size of the head coupled with the 11.3 oz weight when strung is suitable for many adult players who feel comfortable with this size and weighting.

The hybrid frame delivers FSI Power tech to offer more space between the strings when the frame is strung. This delivers greater power with each shot. The swing weight of 323 makes it easy to move the racket into position and swing for the ball to match a volley or return a hard shot back at your opponent. The amount of spin generated from this racket is also impressive and it responds fast to changes in power strokes too.

#2 – Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph takes our second spot. It’s claim to fame is that Roger Federer has signed this version and it bears his signature. It’s his version of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 edition. The hallmark of this racket is the amount of control of the ball that it gives the player. The braided graphite materials along with a thinner beam and well-balanced head delivers great performance. The torsion management included with the 97 square inch head offers the aforementioned control. The weight is heavier though at 12.6 ounces, so a strong hand and forearm is needed to hold the racket and best use the control it offers. Each racket provides different benefits to the adult tennis player. Take your pick.