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Difference Between Basketball & Tennis Shoes

Posted by Ralph Bowman on

Don’t consider this question of the difference between basketball and tennis shoes silly. This confusion has often made people land up making errors in their purchase of sports products. Wearing either of these just like that will not improve your sports style and play. Both the shoes have many similar features but, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. For easy to undertand the shape and style of tennis shoes must check tennisinformation.net which give you detailed information about tennis and tennis accessoires.

5 Major Tips to Find Out the Difference between Basketball & Tennis Shoes

1. Check the upper design: Usually, the upper designs of the Tennis shoes have a lower top so that they are light in weight and don’t hurt your ankle much. On the other side, Basketball shoes come in various designs like low-top, mid-top, and high-top. Most basketball players go for high-top designs as they give comfort near the ankles.
2. Check the sole design: The design of basketball shoes come with a herringbone pattern to give the comfort of traction between sudden starts and stops. The sole of Basketball shoes have heavier soles and most designs are meant for indoor play.On the other side, Tennis shoes vary as per the demand and play. Indoor court plays have smooth sole. This is one of the reasons that Tennis shoes are not much durable than Basketball shoes.
3. Check the support: Both the sport need to give you comfort and support. Basketball shoes give are rough and tough, whereas Tennis shoes give you ankle support. If you go for branded tennis shoes, they assure you good sole quality and durability.
4. Check the weight of shoes: Basketball shoes are heavier than Tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are breathable and the toe is built of rubber. Some people prefer to wear the same shoes for Basketball Tennis, but it won’t really be a good idea. Every sport comes with a different requirement and is played different, thus the outfits are different and so are the shoes.It would be wise to check the weight of these shoes before you buy these.
5. Check the brand: Some brands do not give you different features in these two sports shoes; they are almost the same. Check the brand of the shoes, the more branded the more features you get. Go for brands like Nike, Reebok, etc. Try to walk and run when you try those shoes on. It should be comfortable enough from all the positions that you will play for sport. The heels of your shoe must have a firm grip and shouldn’t slip as you play the sport. This applies to both the sports.
You can easliy identityfy tennis shoes on http://www.tennisinformation.net/best-tennis-shoes-reviews-for-men-women Wich more comfortable then basketball shoes.Now you know what to check and how to buy these sports shoes. Share it with others too.